Amazon and Ecommerce Specialists

We are a team of Amazon consultants and coaches. We help people to start and quickly scale highly profitable ecommerce businesses selling products on Amazon.

We also work with existing ecommerce businesses and help them to seamlessly launch and grow their products on the Amazon platform.

We offer online coaching programs, 1:1 consulting and also done-for-you services. Please check out what we offer below.

FBA Power Program:

Our FBA Power Program is our newly developed online training program offering a complete A-Z on how to start and grow your own private label Amazon FBA business from the ground up to 7 figures plus.

It includes everything you need to know about starting your own private label brand selling products on Amazon using the FBA system. Unlike other courses/programs out there, it is priced affordably for those who need help starting their Amazon FBA private label journey. Check it out here: FBA Power Program.

FBA Power Program Testimonials: check out what some people are saying about our FBA Power Program:

“I’ve invested in previous FBA courses but the Captain Ecom course is in a different league altogether. It is a complete and comprehensive real-world tutorial that will get you started on Amazon. Experience and your own business acumen will determine your future but Captain Ecom will show you how to avoid all the pitfalls of early failure. Learn how to avoid costly mistakes before you invest your hard earned cash. If you want to invest in your future then this course is for you.Once you learn how Amazon FBA works, you’ll understand why this is the future of eCommerce".

– Chris Charles, experienced Amazon and ecommerce seller.

“Absolutely wonderful and transformational course. Not only will it provide you with an in depth understanding of how to start a profitable Amazon business, but it will also help you avoid a lot of pitfalls and in turn save you a lot of money. Highly recommended.

– Fadi Mubarak, experienced ecommerce seller.

“I find this course easy to understand yet very informative. I like the additional resources and templates shown (which allow for automation), the product research module is fantastic – tips and techniques I have not seen shared anywhere else. I would definitely recommend taking this course if you want to learn about amazon fba selling and if you want to be successful on it."  

– Will Rivera, experienced ecommerce seller.

“I’m a newbie to the whole Amazon FBA business so I knew I needed a course to guide me through the whole process. The Captain Ecom FBA Power Program is so helpful and taught me the the information I was not aware of and others do not teach you. The program is very easy to use and makes Amazon FBA much simpler to understand and get the hang of. I fully recommend this course to others as it’s so informative and helpful."

– Stephanie Duque, beginner Amazon seller.

Predictable Sales System:

Our Predictable Sales System is our innovative and unique Amazon FBA service, unlike anything else you can find in the market today.

It’s a 6 month service where we personally implement our proven Predictable Sales System onto your Amazon products and account. Our system has delivered some fantastic results for our past clients (see results chart below) and has more than tripled monthly sales in a 6 month timeframe for some.

If you are interested, please check this free training out and schedule a call with us today: How to Double or Even Triple Your Monthly Amazon FBA Sales in 6 Months Without Reducing Your Product Prices.

UK Brand with 3 Product SKU’s recently tripled monthly sales from April to October with the Predictable Sales System:

Years of successful experience: 

We have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge working in the ecommerce field, especially selling products on Amazon. We have worked with first time sellers through to million dollar per year sellers so we know what it takes to be successful on Amazon from the ground up.

People we work with:

  1. People looking to skyrocket their sales on Amazon in a short amount of time and with predictability
  2. People looking to start an Amazon FBA private label business selling their own branded products on Amazon
  3. Existing ecommerce businesses looking to launch and scale their products on the Amazon platform
  4. Brick and mortar stores or product manufacturers looking to ‘go online’ and don’t know where to start


We partner with businesses and manufacturers looking to get into the Amazon space. This is often a great option for people who want us to run and manage the Amazon side of their business while they focus on other parts of their business.

Please get in touch at for more information on our Amazon account management partnership program.